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Where do inspirations come from? Most people believe that music inspire them or a really good book, a moving poem or maybe a movie that they can totally relate to. But did it ever occur to you that inspiration is innate to every person? These mediums that we believe to stir that feeling of being able to do things and the urge to craft something artistic, creative and original are merely heightened moments of that inspiration. Remember the last time that you listened to a heartfelt ballad song that reminded you of a painful heart break when you were younger. I once asked myself if I listen to sad music because I feel sad or was it the other way around. Did I felt alone so I tuned in to a depressing melody?

Inspiration are within us from the beginning because it is actually everything that makes up our being – the people who are important to us, the experiences that we’ve failed and succeeded, the things we regret we ever did or what not. Inspiration is both happy and melancholy, ergo oneself.

As I took the headphones off of my ear after watching this teenage drama series that I decided to watch after missing it when it aired some 5 years ago, inspiration flowed to my veins and brain like river streaming down a rocky vastness. I was suddenly overwhelmed with love.

Love is often taken as inspiration and I couldn’t agree more. Love is oneself and everything that makes up that being. I am deeply inspired by my love and love itself. How would anyone forget that feeling of elation as you first held your love’s hands and put it close to your heart as if the hands could actually hold your heart. I will always treasure in my heart those first couple of years when my love and I are just getting to know each other, what ticks one off, how one can paint a smile on the other’s face and finding out how each other’s past molded that person that we fell in love with.

For as long as those memories remain vivid in your thoughts and is strongly felt and reminisced, the flame and depth of that love will always be fresh, just like those first couple of years that was most exciting. So much so that love is inspiration, so shall your inspiration remain powerful and moving. No one then should ever be afraid to lose that motivation not unless one loses oneself for only then will inspiration be lost.
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