disinterested critique (seksi_tanggera) wrote,
disinterested critique


Today I celebrate my love for you.

Call me a sucker for relationship celebration; still, I celebrate the day that we made it official. It isn’t easy finding a person who can put up with all your stubbornness and silliness yet amazingly we found each other. True enough, love happens when you least expect it. It happens where you never thought it would. It happens before you know it. It happens to people whom other people didn’t expect it to. It is magical.

I was going on with my life for seven long years after a short relationship in which I thought to myself was a waste. It was a waste because I regret not having been able to express my love. Now I realized that I am the way I was because I wasn’t really in-love then. That I am yet to find the person to whom all these overflowing love truly belongs.

You took away all my regrets. You replaced it with all hopes of more happiness and smiles. You make me wanna wake up in the morning with a smile. Indeed, you are worth the long wait. I can never tell you how much I love you but I can always show you. I believe I have my lifetime to do that. You remind me everyday how much God loves me, how much I’m blessed and how meaningful love is. It isn’t only about cuddling, holding hands and being taken care of. It’s all about sharing your life with the one who shares their life back. Happy 32nd!

And I will love you so, for always!
Tags: heaven

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