disinterested critique (seksi_tanggera) wrote,
disinterested critique

Writer's Block: All generalizations are false, including this one

IF THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, IT'S GONNA HAPPEN = => I'd say it isn't absolute. Others may have misunderstood things when they were told about destiny. It just doesn't fit the idea of freewill at all and if so, what is the sense of us making all the decisions then. Here's what I think then:

Every time we face a crossroad in our life where we need to make a choice, each of those choice in fact have a final destination at the end of it. BUT before we actually get to that end, we will be faced again with crossroads that could change our "destiny". Therefore, our decisions should bring us to the things that we really want for ourselves because relying on destiny won't take us places.
Tags: writer's block

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